Out of the 30,000+ hours Jonathan has devoted to music-related study, practice, writing and playing, close to 10,000 of those hours have been spent listening to and transcribing musical vocabulary. Investigation into what makes the sounds of different players and composers unique from one another, through score study, transcription, and extended listening has taught and continues to teach him about how he hears music, and how others do as well. Transcriptions/the transcription process can be shared and expressed through performance and/or sheet music distribution, both of which Jonathan specializes in. 

He has written 4 analytic essays featuring jazz-solo transcription and has transcribed over 20 full jazz solos by artists such as Freddie Hubbard, Clifford Brown, Donald Byrd, Booker Little, Wayne Shorter, Chet Baker, Kenny Dorham, Joe Henderson, Blue Mitchell, Lee Morgan, Miles Davis, Wallace Roney, Eric Alexander, Wynton Marsalis, Jim Snidero, and John Coltrane. Several of them are available for free, below. Check this page often, as new solo transcriptions are constantly being added.

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John Coltrane’s Solo on “One Down One Up” Live at the Half Note: A Brief
Reflection on Process and Study of Content in Extended Solo Transcription
A Selective Analysis of "Prelude no. 3" from Book 1 of J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier
Analysis of Clifford Brown's solo on "Hot House" from Live at the Bee Hive
Kurt Rosenwinkel’s “Cubism” & It’s Post-Bop Ascetic

More written works available HERE.


PDFs feature transcriptions in concert key (treble clef), however any transcription can be transposed to any key and for any instrument, often at no additional cost and with little turnaround time.

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Andre Sims: Giant Steps

SOURCE::YouTube Video

INCLUDES: PDFs of transcription in concert key (treble clef)

Wynton Marsalis: Cherokee (1)

SOURCE::YouTube Video

INCLUDES: PDF of transcription in concert key (treble clef)

Wallace Roney: Pacific Express

SOURCE::YouTube Video

INCLUDES: PDFs of transcription in concert key (treble clef)

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