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Jonathan's written work has been engaged by audiences in over 500 cities, nearly 70 countries and just short of 100 different universities!

A Short Religious Study of John Coltrane's Meditations: ”The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”
Analysis of Clifford Brown's solo on "Hot House" from Live at the Bee Hive
The Art of Humility, and it’s Role in the Life of an Artist
All Paths Lead To God: A Brief Account Of Spiritual And Religious Faith In The Lives Of Yusef Lateef, Sonny Rollins & John Coltrane
Clifford Brown's Approach to Practicing
Bridging the Gap Between Literature and Music: How John Adams Succeeded in Sonically Interpreting and Realizing a Poem of Profound Nature
John Coltrane’s Solo on “One Down One Up” Live at the Half Note: A Brief
Reflection on Process and Study of Content in Extended Solo Transcription
A Selective Analysis of "Prelude no. 3" from Book 1 of J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier
A Summary and Reflection on Improvisation, Creativity and Consciousness by Ed Sarath
Kurt Rosenwinkel’s “Cubism” & It’s Post-Bop Ascetic
The Divide: Continuing the Conversation: The Existence of Jazz as Black-American Music from the Perspective of Current-Day Black Artists. 
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