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Since 2007, Jonathan has composed, arranged, published, performed and recorded over 20 small group jazz compositions, 14 of them having been featured on albums for multiple record labels. He's also written 4 larger works arranged for jazz orchestra, as well as a 50-minute suite in 7 movements scored for 12-piece chamber jazz ensemble. Jonathan's original music secured him semi-finalist status in the International Songwriting Competition 2 years in a row, as well as one finalist/honorable mention selection (1% out of a pool of 30,000 entries). It's earned him participation in 3 internationally selective programs (the School for Improvisational Music's Summer Intensive and the Banff Center's Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music as well as it's Artist in Residence Program). He has also been among 19 up-and-coming jazz composers selected from a global pool to receive a Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award presented by the ASCAP Foundation as well as among 16 to receive a commission from the International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers. For more info on awards visit the PRESS page.

Jonathan has also composed, arranged and produced music for a wide variety of ensemble types and performance environments other than within the jazz context, including but not limited to pop songs, movie music, Haitian Kompa, choreographed dances, classical chamber music, singer-songwriters and choirs. His ongoing practice of studying and writing music has enabled his to adapt any melody, lyric, chord progression, song form, or compositional idea, no matter how vague or abstract, and either create a professional-level pieces himself, or assist others in doing so.

These are just some general examples of what's possible. Instrumentation, group sizes, and preference for musical genre/repertoire are all customizable to suit your vision and budget.

 (Jazz: Quintet)

 (Jazz: Sextet)

 (Jazz: Quartet)

 (Jazz: Octet)

 (Jazz: Big Band/Jazz Orchestra)

 (Jazz: Sextet)
Arranging/Song Adaptation

 (Jazz/Classical Fusion: Large Ensemble)

 (Jazz: Transcription)

Composition/Arranging/Lyric Adaptation

Remember, Jonathan's goal is to make your piece sound just as you imagine it (or better), so you may wish to specify your preferences regarding:

-instrument selection

-time duration of composition

-any other details that are important to you


The following final products are available to you at your request:

-professional-grade tablature including concert/transposed score/parts

-audio/video recording of composition (SEE EXAMPLES at Shoppe RECORDING SERVICES)

-live performance of composition (SEE EXAMPLES at Shoppe PERFORMANCE SERVICES)


Ensemble configurations start from 1 musician and continue up from there. You may also request multiple configurations to be included in the composition.


Most western classical instruments are readily available to be written for. If you are interested in including an instrument from another part of the world, discuss/describe what you have in mind, and chances are it's possible.

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