Different events call for different genres of music, types of ensembles, and overall aesthetic or theme of performing act. Take a look at/listen to some of the options available. You can request multiple groups to perform at an event if desired. Keep in mind that if you are interested in pursuing a recording projectthe audio and video quality will differ from several of the examples shown below. Be sure to check out Shoppe RECORDING SERVICES for more information and for specific examples of recording projects.

Remember, these are just some examples of what's possible. Instrumentation, group sizes, and preference for musical genre/repertoire are all customizable to suit your vision and budget!

Solo Trumpet (jazz)

Jazz Duo (trumpet, vocals)

Jazz Duo (trumpet, drums)

Jazz Trio (trumpet, bass, drums)

Jazz Quintet

Chamber-Jazz Large Ensemble

Spiritual Music

Solo Trumpet (w/ effects)

Jazz Duo (trumpet, keyboard)

Jazz Trio (trumpet, guitar, bass)

Jazz Quartet

Jazz Sextet


Experimental Music

Also available to you are individuals specializing in virtually all forms of performance art. Describe/discuss what you have in mind, and chances are it's possible!