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HORNS: Yamaha Xeno 8345 RG Bb trumpet w/ "shot-blast finish," which produces a dark, rich tone | Bach Stradivarius model 37 Bb Trumpet with a gold lacquer finish, which produces a crisp warm open sound | Blessing Bb Flugelhorn w/ red brass bell, which can add a smooth, mellow color to any project.

MUTES: Mutes can add a nice change in timbre and color. Currently in possession of: Cup, Straight, Harmon, Plunger, Bucket, and Pixie

PEDALS: Piezo-Barrel mouthpiece pick-up, Line-6 DL4, Boss Harmonist HR-2, and MXR Blue-Box pedals to create loops, effects, and desired sounds.

AMP: Lunchbox Mini. Perfect for medium to large spaces, small theaters, and intimate recording sessions.

MICROPHONE: Beyerdynamic M-160


DAW: Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Audacity

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Final Cut Pro X, iMovie

Different recording projects call for different genres of music, types of ensembles, and overall aesthetic or theme of performing act. If you need ideas, head over to Shoppe PERFORMANCE SERVICES and take a look at/listen to some of the options that are available. Below, are some examples of self-lead projects that Jonathan has either recorded on himself, has produced, or both. All examples below demonstrate the quality of sound and production you can expect when hiring Jonathan to facilitate a recording project in a recording studio, home recording studios, or other environments that employ professional-grade recording equipment and engineering.


These are just some general examples of what's possible regarding both audio and video production. Instrumentation, group sizes, and preference for musical genre/repertoire are all customizable to suit your vision and budget.

Mobil Studio Recording

Home-Studio Recording (Jazz Trumpet)

Live Performance Recording

Home-Studio Recording (Classical Trumpet)

Recording Studio Production

Home-Studio Production

Remember, Jonathan can provide you with an ensemble of professional musicians for any recording need. Available ensemble configurations start from solo artists and continue up from there. You may also request multiple group configurations.

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