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Journey to a New World (2017)

Journey to a New World Album Cover

First Vision (2012)

First Vision Album Cover

"...a skillfully conceived and exquisitely realized debut that brings to mind the edgy, envelope-pushing hard bop of many a Blue Note record in the early 1960s."

-All About Jazz

"...a rare blend of individuality and maturity."

-All About Jazz

"The music, all Saraga-penned, has an uncommon freshness coming from a 24 year-old artist who is well on his way to forming his own compositional voice."

-All About Jazz

"First Vision isn't the stuff of amateurs on the brink of musical maturity, it's a stand-up-and-take-notice offering."

-All About Jazz

"First Vision shouldn't be measured as a debut; it deserves to be judged only on its bountiful merits, which include stellar trumpet work, intriguing tunes and strong group chemistry."

-All About Jazz

"At times, Saraga's music can exhibit a wandering, nomadic, Klezmer-influenced sound that further cements the (Dave) Douglas connection via that trumpeter's work with John Zorn's flagship Masada."

-All About Jazz


“This is engaging, tuneful, urgent modern jazz played at a very high level by young, masterful musicians."

-Jimmy Greene

"An excellent debut recording as a leader for Jonathan Saraga. Highly creative playing and writing throughout the CD, all done within a strong and fresh ensemble concept."

-Jon Gordon

"Jonathan has always impressed me and this recording helps lay a foundation for what I know will be a great career. Check it out!"

-Scott Wendholt

"Jon's new recording is a splendid collection of originals which features some fine young musicians."

-Charles Blenzig

"Saraga is obviously very aware of the direction of jazz in his hometown of New York..."

"His band is excellent..."

-Tony Hall, Jazzwise (UK)

"Imaginative trumpet and sax interplay and the clarity of the instruments is truly exceptional."

"The complexity is readily apparent yet Saraga has an ear for melody, never losing himself within the arrangement."

"There are no weak links in this band..."

"Journey To A New World is a wonderful album of modern jazz with confident musicianship, imaginative arrangements and outstanding melodies."

"...confident musicianship, imaginative arrangements and outstanding melodies."

-Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility

"The music pulls from its astonishing maturity and its capacity to suggest an singular experience but open and appropriate enough for the listener."

"His tone is rich unencumbered with effects, his phrasing sings naturally and never losing focus or direction." 

-Vincent Cotro, Jazz Magazine (France)

"familiar but also fresh; grounded but also hopeful."

"The horn work is brilliant and technically spot-on, and presented with an ease and warmth that makes the songs accessible."

"The ensemble produces an inspiring sound that blends seamlessly with Jonathan’s lead."

-Debbie Burke, Jazz Author

"A profound, beautifully-crafted album..."

"A glorious album..." 

"A measure of the indelibility of the imprint on the songwriter and trumpeter, Mr. Saraga that he has succeeded in shaping superb music both for himself as well as for the rest of his sextet."

-Raul Da Gama, Jazz da Gama

"Saraga's precise and passionate technique, combined with thoughtful, well-constructed compositions (and a couple nicely-arranged cover tunes) make for a stimulating listen that rewards on a number of levels."

"Embodying a deft compositional approach and some first-rate musicianship, Saraga's Journey is just that: an opportunity to discover and explore some exciting musical territory, with a skilled and adventurous leader as a guide."
-Troy Dostert, All About Jazz

“A very focused and well conceived album by Jonathan and his crew. His compositions display great personality and poise, with everyone in the band finding ways to channel the current sounds of modern jazz, using their various influences as a platform to delve into their own musical personalities. An impressive recording which I’m sure you will all enjoy."

-Miguel Zenon

"Saraga is a trumpeter with a singular vision that is motherloaded by a creative force but isn't a slave to it. Top shelf sitting down jazz, this smart set shows that goods things are going to come easily from his horn of plenty. A solid outing that needs your attention."

-Chris Spector, Midwest Record

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